Monday, 1 July 2013

How To Create A wordpress Blog For Free

Creating wordpress blogs for free.

 I cant help but wonder why some people take the struggle of paying tech geeks like me so that we can help them create a website when indeed you can create one yourself for free.That is why I have decided to come up with short manual to guide you on how to create your own wordpress blog for free.

For the past few years,wordpress has proven without doubt that it is the best cms in the market and that is why it is the first option for those bloggers who are thinking of creating wordpress blogs for free.And not just that,you can earn money from your wordpress blog and use the money to buy domain names.
In this article,We will be looking at the basics of creating wordpress blogs for free.

Steps to creating wordpress blogs for free

1.Get free Web hosting with php and mysql

This should not be hard at all considering the fact that there are thousands of free web hosts available on the internet today.Take note to choose a web host that you trust not one that will keep breaking down every minute.You dont want to boast to your friends about your new website only to find out that the server is down.The main thing that you should look in your webhost is the wordpress installer so that you dont do this manually.

2.Get a free domain or subdomain

Let me make something clear,getting a free domain such as dot tk or dot is not such a good idea.This is because such domains rarely appear on major search
engines.I therefore recommend that that you use the sub domains offered by your free web host.

3.Install wordpress

If you followed step 1 above then this should not be a problem.All you have to do is to login into your control panel and select the auto installer.If your web host doesnt offer this then  download wordpress and install it into your web host.Visit the configuration page and it will take you through the process of installing it.We have a full article on how to install wordpress.

4.Start creating your free wordpress blog

This involves Writing great posts and adding new pages.The first page that you should add should be an about page which introduces you to your customers.Visit the settings page to adjust your preferences.This stage   also involves installing some usefull wordpress plugins such as wordpress seo by yoast.jetpack by and others which might come at handy during your new life as blogger.

5.Share your blog for free

Before you share your blog,make sure that it has enough posts so as to keep your new visitors.Depending on your subject,this can range from one page and ten posts to five pages and twenty posts.This builds up trust and respect in your visitors.You can share your blog by adding it to major search engines and social networks.
Now that you have learnt how to create a wordpress blog for free why don’t you earn money from your new blog.