Monday, 1 July 2013

5 Proven Ways To Write A Great Blog Post In Wordpress

Writing a great blog post in wordpress should be simple thanks to its
great features.Infact,most bloggers claim that they use wordpress
because it is SEO friendly.In this short article,I will show you how
to write a great wordpress post that Post.

1.Make Good Use Of Blog Title and SEO Title

Many users might not have yet realized that for wordpress,the title
you write in the top bar is different than the one you write down in
the SEO plugin's bar. The title that you write in the POST Title bar
is the one that appears on your blog above your post's descriptionos
on the header bar of your browser, whereas the SEO Title is the one
that is tracked bythe Search Engines and put up in their
searchresults.This allows you to vary the keywords for your wordpress
post. The title should be catchy and stand out in the search results.

2.Write a Description And Keywords That Stand Out

Here,I will put emphasies on the blog description because search
engines nolonger use keywords.When a user searches the web and your
site shows up in the results,the search engine will check to see if
that page has a description and if it has display it instead.You need
to insert something into that description box that will attract a
users attention easily (They all judge a book by its cover).
For you to write a great blog post in wordpress,you should take
caution on the keywords to prevent spamming.

3.Post Permalink

This is what your users use to access your posts.Most of the users use
their post title as the permalink, and so you would be wondering whats
the importance of a permalink.A great permalink should not have
stopwords such as "a" "an" etc.You can also use this as a platform to
add your keywords.
4.Post Interlinking

This is a crucial step while writing a blog post, especially when your
blog has a very high bouncerate.We can reduce the bounce rate by
linking to similar posts in our blog. In SEO terms, interlinking to
your old blog posts improves your page rank and gives a new route to
the search engines to crawl over your old blog posts if they may have
faced an error crawling it before.

5.Images And Seo

The value of images in a blog post can not be underestimated.They not
only enhance the beauty of your content but also allow your content to
be searchable in google image search.

I hope that after reading this post,you will be able to write great
blog posts that get thousands of hits.