Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Top 10 Wordpress Plugins You Cant Do Without

WordPress comes off as the top cms simply because of its large
database of plugins.The number of plugins is so large that if you don't
plan well you will find yourself installing more than you can
manage.That is why I have sat down and compiled this list of the top
10 WordPress plugins that you cant do without.

10. Google Analytics for WordPress

Get all your site statistics without visiting the Google webpage.This
plugin enables you track your page visits and other statistics related
to your website and gives you the details right from you website.This
increases your page speed by eliminating the junks of javascript used
by google analytics.

9.Google XML Sitemaps
This is the best WordPress plugin to go for when you want Google to index your
site as soon as you add new content.All it does is to automatically
generate sitemaps for you and add them to the Google index.

8.WP e-Commerce

Ever wanted to start your own shop in your WordPress installation?Then
this is the plugin for you.It is probably the best e commerce plugin
with lots of features and integrates well with other plugins.

7.Allow PHP in Posts and Pages

This plugin enables you to add php code into your WordPress posts and
pages.Probably great if you are well conversant with php.

This plugin comes with WordPress so just install it.It does a lot to
keep off spammers from your blog

5.Contact Form 7

A very popular contact form tool, this is more basic than others but
nevertheless effective, dispensing with bells and whistles for core
contact form effectiveness.

4. Shareaholic

This one has social sharing in mind.It has a set of social sharing
buttons thereby increasing your visitors.You can edit which buttons to
display and the order in which they are displayed.


If you have ever used wordpress.com then you sure know that it comes
with many features.Well,This plugin allows you to add this features
into your WordPress blog.The features include site stats,mobile theme
just to name a few.

2.W3 Total Cache

When your blog becomes bigger,your server bandwidth becomes a problem
and so does the speed of your website.This plugin solves this problem
by creating static HTML files.When users visit your site it just
displays this files instead of the expensive php files.Try it and you
will notice the difference in the performance of your website.

1.WordPress seo by yoast

This is the best plugin wordpress hass ever come across,no doubt about
that.It comes with a mountain of features and once installed,it will
take less than a few weeks for your traffic to double or triple.

As you have seen,wordpress has many useful plugins some of which are
not listed here.Just take caution that the more plugins you have the
slower you site.